Ever since the release of Beyond Light for Destiny 2 in November 2020, Bungie's series changed dramatically because a new element: Stasis. A year later, Beyond Light's Stasis has changed a lot, and understandably so considering it was the first time Bungie designed a new elemental subclass. Stasis was not in a good spot when it launched, as it was too oppressive in PvP thanks to its many crowd control abilities and utility skills or Supers, all of which called for some nerfs.

Things are always in motion with the game, and now the 30th Anniversary Pack is going to release in less than two weeks alongside a major sandbox that will adjust Stasis and the foundations of Destiny 2's abilities and Supers. In February 2022, The Witch Queen will launch for Destiny 2, and it will bring a lot of new things to look forward to including the so-called Void 3.0 rework. With Year 5, Bungie is aiming to make Light subclasses more diverse and get the same treatment Stasis did with its Aspects and Fragments. However, this poses questions about Stasis' own diversity moving forward.


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Why Destiny 2's Stasis Classes Need More Diversity

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One of the best things about Stasis is its options. Players can still choose their preferred jump and grenade type, and then they can use up to two Aspects offering unique abilities or perks. Selecting which Aspects to use determines how many Fragments players can add to their builds, and each Fragment offers a mix of attribute changes and passive boons that change Destiny 2's core gameplay.

This is going to happen to Void subclasses with the Void 3.0 update, and then Arc and Solar subclasses will get the same treatment in the following months. Still, Light subclasses each have two or three different Supers, considering two Supers with the same effect can offer something unique the other doesn't.

This will be very good for the game in the long-term because Bungie's plans seem to include more build customization options for Destiny 2 players, and having more control over what Stasis does should be part of those plans. Currently, Stasis only offers a predetermined Super ability and a melee ability, with Warlocks and Titans having roaming Supers and Hunters having an instant cast. A good example of balancing what Stasis has to offer could be letting Warlocks and Titans choose from their existing roaming Supers and newly introduced instant cast Supers, whereas for the Hunters it would be the other way around.

Melee abilities also should be given the same treatment considering Destiny 2 has many different game modes, which means that the existing skills are not necessarily the best overall for every single one of them. The same principle of alternation described for Supers could be used for Stasis melee abilities, making ranged melee abilities like those of the Hunters and Warlocks have close range counterparts, and vice versa for Titans. This is a good approach in theory because offers the most differentiation, but even having more of the same is better than nothing at all.

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How Different Stasis Supers Could Work in The Game

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Little is known about how the Void 3.0 update will actually work in the subclass menu, but it's not impossible that it will feature an extra slot for Super abilities. Alternatively, Super abilities could be determined when picking specific Aspects or Fragments, though this would pigeonhole builds into picking a handful of Aspects or Fragments over others, leading to less diversity. The same should work for Stasis, allowing players to pick whichever Super they prefer similar to how Destiny 2's Light subclasses currently work.

Because Stasis Hunters already use icicle kamas with their Silence and Squall, a different Stasis Super for the cloak-wearing class could use a roaming style that's not far off from the current Spectral Blades, just with a focus on crowd control rather than invisibility. Warlocks could get a Super that casts an icicle storm at a target location, maybe repeating the cast every few seconds, or even something that's like Nova Bomb - a big, chunky Super that deals a lot of damage. Because Behemoth Titans' current weakness is that their Super is useless for single-target damage and ad clearing, a mid-range Super with AoE could take the best from both worlds.

Overall, some of Destiny 2's Exotic items could also be repurposed for new Stasis Supers, making each class have more options when it comes to making builds. Yet, because Destiny 2's Year 5 will bring changes to all three Light subclasses in a rotation, it's also unlikely that Stasis will get new Supers anytime soon.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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